Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tarazod Films Releases Mad City Chickens On DVD

It's here—the film that's been causing a buzz in the backyard chicken world! Tarazod Films has released Mad City Chickens on DVD. Three years in the making, the 79 minute documentary is a sometimes wacky, sometimes serious look at the people who keep urban chickens in their backyards. I'm delighted to say that I am among the people Tashai and Robert interviewed for the film.

Filmmakers Tashai Lovington and Robert Lughai take you into the backyard like you've never seen it before. From chicken experts and authors to a rescued landfill hen or an inexperienced family that decides to take the poultry plunge—and even a mad scientist and giant hen taking to the streets—it’s a humorous and heartfelt trip through the world of backyard chickendom.
With over 60 minutes of extras, the DVD includes: The Making of Mad City Chickens featurette, Cheryl Long from Mother Earth News, Cherrie’s Backyard Chicken Tips, deleted scenes and interviews, bonus chicken footage, movie trailers and more!

The filmmakers worked for three years before completing the film, shooting on location in Wisconsin, including me, Iowa, Texas, Kansas, Michigan, and California. They met with chicken experts and poultry enthusiasts, and gathered over 40 hours of interviews and chicken footage. They have appeared on Public Television, the CW Network, and on numerous talk radio shows in the US and Canada as well.

Mad City Chickens opened to shining reviews at the 2008 Wisconsin Film Festival and continues to please audiences at festivals and public screenings across the US and Canada.

“I never thought I would sit here mesmerized, open-mouthed over a chicken movie,” declared one audience member at the end of the evening. Neither did I. Kristian Knutsen, Isthmus Daily Page.

Buy the DVD ($21.95) from the Tarazod Films online shop at
The return of the backyard chicken...the city will never be the same again!

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