Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Cubalayas are a game breed, the national breed of Cuba. They were developed from Southeast Asian birds brought from the Philippines. They are gaining popularity in the U.S. but are surely still bred in Cuba. When diplomatic relations improve between the U.S. and Cuba, we will see how Cubalayas there have progressed.

This Black Breasted Red flock belongs to Anthony Rose of Turlock, California.

Although exhibitors were responsible for their development, Cubalayas never lost their utility qualities. They are good layers and their fine white meat is prized as a gourmet meat. At 6 lbs. for a rooster and 4 lbs. for a hen, they are medium size birds.

They are very active birds. Plan on giving them space outside confinement. They are good foragers and the roosters are good protectors of the flock.

Black and White are the only other colors beyond Black Breasted Red that are recognized for exhibition, but many other colors are raised. As for other game birds, breeders take interest and pride in the type and conformation over color. Varied colors are prized, such as this Blue Golden rooster owned by Jim Zook of Orchard Poultry Farm in Pennsylvania,


Amy ~ 12 Acres said...

Pretty birds! I've thought about having a Cubalaya rooster to rule the flock.

PoultryBookstore said...

They are certainly beautiful and are reputed to be very easy-going and pleasant birds, good foragers, good mothers. Your flock could be a good home for a rooster.

Holly said...

this is exactly the kind of rooster that i want : )

antny said...

I see you have found our cubas on youtube. My son will be proud that you like them. Christine we met you at the Hollister poultry show a couple years ago and got your new book then. We are working hard on the cubalaya breed and have been taking them to most of the California shows.