Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Old English Games

Old English Games are the classic traditional breed, elegant, hardy and useful. Historically, they have been bred in any and every color. The current SPPA Breeders Directory lists breeders in 18 color varieties and nine varieties that currently are not represented among the membership. Bob Choate in Lexington, Texas is focusing his attention on the Crele color variety, but has kept others in the past. These are his Red Pyle OE Games. The rooster shows his dubbed comb.

Crele is a gray and white barred feather variety, topped with a golden head and straw/golden head, back and saddle barred with orange red.
Red Pyle color on the rooster is a white breast, body, wings and tail topped with a bright orange head and neck, red back and light orange saddle. The hens have a salmon breast and golden head on a white body.
These are exceptional birds, Bob. Thanks for sharing them.


Amy said...

Beautiful birds!

PoultryBookstore said...

I hope he will send photos of his Creles!