Monday, March 14, 2016

Blue Copper Marans

Chris Cameron of Camp Ocean Pines acquired five Blue Copper Marans pullets over the weekend. He had a young cock, too, but he was killed by a predator. So Chris figures he'll have fertile hatching eggs for two weeks. He plans to hatch as many as he can. He's willing to sell them if you are in the Cambria vicinity. Contact him at

Black Copper Marans were the first variety recognized. Here's B.A. Davis' Black Copper rooster:

White and Wheaten are also recognized.

Blue Copper Marans aren't yet a recognized color variety, in Marans or any other breed. They are blue where Black Copper Marans are black. Blue Copper reproduces the same way other blue varieties do: incompletely. Typically, about a quarter of the offspring from Blue matings are black, a quarter are splash and half are blue.

Ryan Masterson sent this chart to explain it: