Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Rose Comb Minorcas

An SPPA member contacted me to locate White and Black Rose Comb Minorcas to add to his flocks of old European breeds, including White Dorkings, White and Mottled Houdans and La Fleche. He is acquiring Rose Comb Anconas, Crevecoeurs, and additional White Dorking stock this season.

He sells eggs and poultry at the local farmers' markets and has begun taking orders for dressed poultry. He expects the large Minorca eggs to sell well.

Because he lives in New Hampshire, the large combs of the Single Comb variety are not suited to the climate. They would freeze. Frozen combs never grow back and the ordeal is very painful for the birds. The Rose Comb, illustrated here from the APA Standard of Perfection, http://www.amerpoultryassn.com/, and other small combs, such as the Pea Comb, Cushion Comb and Strawberry Comb make better choices for birds living in cold climates.

Although no breeders of this rare variety were listed in the SPPA Breeders Directory, one breeder had reported his birds to SPPA First Vice President Monte Bowen when he conducted the Poultry Census. Monte was able to locate the paperwork and put these two breeders in contact.

Locating stock of these historic breeds is very difficult. Breed clubs help. One of SPPA's most important roles is to be a network of communication for poultry breeders and others who support historic poultry breed conservation. The next edition of the Breeders Directory is currently being compiled. Join SPPA now to be included in the listings. It will be available in September.

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