Thursday, March 27, 2008


These Brabanter roosters need some hens. Julie Drigot of Little Prairie, Wisconsin, hatched four chicks in summer 2007, but all four were males. She culled two and kept two, which she thought were a pair. When the 'pullet' began to crow, she realized that they both were roosters.

She is very attached to them now and eager to find some hens. She is open to exchanging one of the roosters for one or more hens or placing both in a good home where they will be appreciated.
Brabanters are an old Dutch variety which disappeared and was recreated in the 20th century. They have a narrow, flattened crest, a tricorner beard and a comb with two V-shaped horns.
In the United States, they are raised in Cream and Gold varieties. These are the Cream variety. A few SPPA members raise them. Birds this rare have the special value of being a genetic resource. Let's get them together with some hens to create a small flock and raise the genetic base of this rare and beautiful breed. Contact me at to get in touch with Julie and her boys.


Anonymous said...

Has she tried BackYardChickens DOT com? There are lots of people there who'd probably be willing to give one of the roos a good home.

MT Mi Mi said...

These are great birds. I have 2 pullets, one I'll keep. They have a very quiet temperament, like my Dorkings and Faverolles. And their coloration is fabulous. More people should own them. The only other info I could find on them comes from a website in the UK. But the breeder there is a seasoned poultry expert, and the article had lots of good ideas on raising chickens.

Callie said...

I have never heard of the chickens in your posts. They are beautiful! I hope the Brabanter roosters find some hens. I'm very glad I found your page.