Monday, April 28, 2008

Mystery chick

A friend sent this photo and asked whether this six-week-old bird is the Ameraucana that she was represented to be when they acquired her as a one-week-old chick. Ed Hart, an SPPA expert, gave this answer:

"Although the photo at my end is rather blurry and indistinct, I believe the bird in question could very well be an Ameraucana. Many of this "breed" vary widely in phenotype as they originated from crosses between the true blue egg laying Araucana and any old hen. Most of the offspring laid greenish colored eggs, which was the desired end result, without any regard to how the bird actually looked. I raised row run Ameraucanas when I was a kid and some of the pullets looked similar to this bird. If the bird in question grows up to lay a green egg the question will be answered, although it could lay a pale tan egg and still be an Ameraucana of the row run variety."

I'll stay in touch and report back on what color eggs she lays!

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