Thursday, April 10, 2008

Breeders Directory

Mary Ann Harley, shown here displaying the trophy she won for her Nankins at last year's Ohio National, is compiling the next edition of the SPPA Breeders Directory.

This document is the single most important publication SPPA produces. Because historic breeds are rare, it can be difficult to find stock. The Breeders Directory is the only place where historic poultry breeders' information is collected.

It provides a route to making those crucial connections to finding new birds. Getting in touch with other breeders also opens doors to exchanging information about the experiences you are having with hatching and husbandry.

The form for information is included in this month's SPPA Bulletin. If you are not a member, contact me to join and get your information included. You will also receive the new directory when it is published in September.

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