Saturday, July 21, 2007

Travels of Bourbon Red

Sharon Tepsick of Wildheart Farm in Ezel, Kentucky created this fanciful turkey display to attract visitors to the SPPA table she sets up at poultry shows. She calls him Bourbon Red, the name of an actual turkey color variation.

The Bourbon Red color pattern is a variant of the Standard type, a deeper buff color with white flight feathers. The variation originated in Pennsylvania and traveled with settlers moving west and south. The rich color pattern was finished by breeders in Kentucky and southern Ohio. The name Bourbon Red is now accepted, but they are also called Kentucky Reds and Bourbon Butternuts.

Mrs. Tepsick dresses Bourbon Red in his SPPA t-shirt and stands him up next to her table. A tri-fold tabletop board with photos, articles and other information about rare and historic breeds offers the SPPA's brochure. The brochure includes the updated Critical List of rare chicken breeds and a membership form.

Her sense of humor and good nature support her knowledge and expertise as a poultry breeder. She is one of the stars that make SPPA so special. Thanks, Sharon!

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