Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Helpful Chicken DVD

Phil Bartz, long-time SPPA member and poultry judge, was featured on WSEC-TV’s Illinois Stories in January. The popular Public Broadcasting System weekly local show is hosted by Mark McDonald.

Mr. McDonald interviewed Mr. Bartz about the basics of chickens and poultry breeding. Mr. Bartz explained about the difference between four- and five-toed chickens, using his Dorkings and Spanish as examples. He showed the difference between large fowl and bantams. He held incubated eggs up to a light to demonstrate candling and show the difference between a developing embryo and a dud.

In the picture above, judge Butch Gunderson demonstrates how a judge examines a chicken's head on a Buff Cochin pullet.

Phil did me the honor of inviting me to be interviewed along with him. I discussed the SPPA and the suitability of historic breeds for small flock owners.

We were blessed with mild weather following a severe storm that knocked out power to most of Central Illinois for the taping. A DVD of the program is available through the web site,

Phil did such a great job of explaining what judges are looking for as well as general information about poultry that this DVD makes a great educational video. It's a valuable addition to our resources.

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