Thursday, July 26, 2007

SPCA Seizes Russells' Dog Again

The SPCA seized another dog from Craig and Ruth Russell Monday July 23. Mr. Russell is president of the Society for Preservation of Poultry Antiquities.

The dog was one of 127 animals that the court ordered the SPCA to return to the Russells after they were found not guilty of 15 charges of animal maltreatment in Snyder County Magisterial Court June 22. SPCA returned the dog, Boss, on June 28. Two counts involving caged birds remain to be adjudicated.

Mr. Russell found the dog underweight and worm-infested when it was returned from more than three months in SPCA care. Overnight on July 13, Boss and another dog got into a fight. The Russells treated Boss for his injuries at home for three days, but sought veterinary care on July 17, when some of the wounds became infected.

An SPCA official informed Mr. Russell by telephone on Monday, July 23, that the SPCA had seized Boss, who was still in intensive care at the veterinarian’s office.

Despite the fact that the court has already ruled on the issue of the Russells’ care of their dogs, the SPCA is apparently defying the court’s authority in taking action against the Russells in less than a month since that ruling.

“They had no case before and have less this time,” said Mr. Russell.

Several of the SPCA officers involved have been dismissed or resigned since the Russells’ court appearance in June.

Legal costs continue to escalate as the Russells defend themselves and seek the return of their animals. Send contributions directly to the Russells at 1400 Jones Hill Road, Middleburg, PA 17842.

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