Friday, July 27, 2007


Here's another of George McLaughlin's Kraienkoppes, a young rooster.

George finds that the hens are good layers, giving him plenty of eggs. Despite their small size, around 5 lbs. for roosters, slightly smaller for hens. they make good table birds as well. The hens are naturally broody and raise their own chicks well. That means egg production can drop off at
times, as the hens are otherwise occupied, but he has enough eggs to freeze and tide him over.

He observes that they hunt insects enthusiastically but ignore rodents and small lizards.

Although his birds do not feather-pick each other, they are willing to pick at roosters of other breeds. And they do not avoid a fight with them, from which his always emerge the winner, despite their smaller size.

Here's looking ahead to more flocks of this attractive breed.

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