Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chicken Sitters

One of the drawbacks of having any kind of animals is that arrangements must be made for their care when you are out of town. We've been fortunate here in California. Our cat sitter, Evie Zanella of Auntie's Paws N the Pines, got interested in chickens after she began caring for our cat. She soon had several of her own, shown here with one of them. So we were confident that she'd be knowledgeable about caring for the chickens as well as the cat when we started our own backyard flock.

She's not alone! Mother Nature Network reports today that chicken sitters are available in Los Angeles.

"And now, with an increasing number of self sufficiency-minded folks beginning to keep chickens in urban and suburban areas, you can hire trained chicken sitters to watch over your brood — and perhaps supervise conjugal visits — while you’re out of town. L.A. at Home recently spoke with Anna Goeser, Master Gardener, veteran chicken keeper (15 years), and proprietress of Easy Acres Chicken Sitting, a professional chicken sitting service or what L.A. at Home calls 'the latest indulgence for L.A. urban gardeners.'"

We're grateful to have Evie to rely on. She does much more than care for the animals. She watches over our home while we are away. We can be away from home without worrying about mail deliveries, newspapers piled up in the driveway or, in the worst case, gas and water leaks if an earthquake strikes while we are away.

Making arrangements for care is an important part of being prepared for emergencies. Who would care for your animals if you weren't available?

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