Monday, October 22, 2007

Wisconsin International Poultry Show

The Wisconsin International Poultry Show was held in Portage, Wisconsin September 29. That was the week we were packing to move, so I apologize for the delay in posting information about it. It was a big success, with more birds than ever, a total of 2,338.

Open entries included 870 Bantams, 276 Waterfowl and 243 Standard birds, for a total of 1,389. Juniors entered 570 Bantams, 113 Waterfowl and 266 Standard birds, a total of 949.

The birds were all excellent quality and showed a lot of work and pride, as well as expertise. The Rosecomb Breeders added attractive green foliage to their cages, a welcome touch.

The Bantam Chanteclers caught my eye, an unusual entry. I haven't seen the Porcelain variety of Belgiana Bearded d'Uccles before, so that was exciting, too.

The Wyandotte Breeders of America,, had a meet there. The bird above is a Golden Laced Wyandotte, but not from this show. The club Web site has lots of great pictures under the Photo Gallery. Dave Lefebre, Secretary-Treasurer advised the group, "If you really love your birds, keep them clean and they will stay healthy." He reminded them of the Menomenee and Beaver Dam shows coming up.

Special thanks to Elizabeth Breuer, show secretary, who steered the show to success. Best wishes to Butch Gunderson, show president, who collapsed with a heart attack while working on setting the show up the previous week. He underwent bypass surgery and is at home recuperating.

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