Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More City Chickens

This Russian Orloff rooster belongs to Michelle Conrad. He doesn't live in a city, but many urban dwellers are raising their own chickens. Just Food in New York City, http://www.justfood.org/, works with New Yorkers to help them raise vegetables, fruits and chickens in the city.

New Yorker writer Adam Gopnik talked with members of the group for the article published in September, which was where I heard about them, see the blog entry for September 21. I sent them a copy of "How to Raise Chickens" and they are delighted!

Training and Livestock Coordinator Owen Taylor wrote to me that it is now the first book he hands to gardeners on the subject of chickens. "The pictures are beautiful and the content is very useful, " he says.

He is also adding information about it, and the Society for Preservation of Poultry Antiquities, to the next edition of Just Food's "City Chickens: A Guide to Raising Hens for Eggs in New York City."

Thanks, Owen. I look forward to hearing more about City Chickens.

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