Tuesday, October 16, 2007


It's been a few weeks since I posted because we have moved, from Wisconsin to Cambria, California. During that time, Gloria Hermontolor sent me these terrific pictures of her rooster, Pooster, his companion, Meanie Hen and their chicks.
She is enchanted by these birds, which resulted from crossing a Fayoumi rooster with a Game hen. She is so delighted with them that she is looking for more Fayoumis.
Fayoumis are Egyptian chickens, small in size, with males weighing about four and a half pounds and hens three and a half. On a recent television program about Egypt, the narrator mentioned that Fayoum means flower. Does anyone know if this is where Fayoumis got their name?

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Macmex said...

There is an Egyptian fellow who posts in the Breed Discussion forum of the Coop . http://www.the-coop.org/

In discussing this breed he stated that Fayoum is the name of a city in Eygpt, and that the Fayoumi hails from that city.

We have a couple Fayoumi pullets right now, and have raised them in the high desert of Mexico. This is a very FINE breed: good for laying. I bet it would make a good cross with OEG!