Thursday, August 30, 2007

Golden Campine

Leah Shelburne, above, won Continental Champion in the Youth Poultry Show at this year's Kentucky State Fair. Leah, daughter of Lynn and Robert Shelburne, is seen here with her Golden Campine Cockerel named Jabber and with APA Judge Eric Englesman. Leah is a member of Spencer County 4H.

The Campine is a light laying breed that originated from the Old Turkish Fowl of the eastern Mediterranean. It was developed as a breed in the Low Countries of western Europe.

The breed has white-skin and lays white eggs. One of the interesting things about them is that the roosters are hen-feathered. They do not develop the long sickle feathers, pointed hackle feathers on the neck or pointed saddle feathers in front of the tail that are typical of roosters.

Campines are recognized by the American Standard, in Golden and Silver varieties. Campines are related to Braekels, which are not recognized in the U.S. but are shown in Europe. Braekels are larger than Campines and the hens and roosters have different plumage.

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