Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Cinnamon Prevents Poultry Diseases

A report from Tel Aviv University in Israel,, shows that cinnamon extract not only protects people against common influenza but is effective immunizing chicks against Newcastle disease as well as a low-path form of Avian Influenza.

Cinnamon extract could be used to eliminate influenza in airpoirts and other crowded places, as well as in poultry uses. An Israeli neutraceutical company is exploring ways to make the extract available for the various uses.

An article from Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs,, provides more background.
During the National Tropical Botanical Garden Fellowship on Kauai in May, we learned about how plants used by traditional healers often turn out to be effective against disease. Dr. Paul Cox, executive director of the Institute of Ethnomedicine,, which is associated with the NTBG, has identified botanical compounds that are effective against AIDS, ALS and other diseases.

This drawing of the cinnamon plant and the curled bark from which the spice is made comes form Florida's Educational Technology Clearinghouse.

Let's hope this is true and can be used by poultry keepers to keep their birds safe!

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