Saturday, July 5, 2014

Heritage Park

I visited Heritage Park in Calgary, Alberta, as part of the Association for Living History and Agricultural Museums annual conference. What a terrific place! The park welcomed us, offering a detailed presentation on its historic costumes -- for over 900 people, both employees and volunteers. They cover the time period from 17th century trappers and missionaries through the 1930s.

The designers create their own patterns.

Bride and groom, for those special occasions.

Seamstresses use both machine and hand sewing to get every detail right.

They also make their own hats. Every person wears a hat.

It's an ALHFAM tradition to have an ox driving competition, but that was replaced by a tractor driving competition this year. Heritage Park has some beautifully restored vehicles. Novice drivers competed on a 1946 John Deere, but anyone who had ever driven a tractor before qualified as Experienced and drove a 1911 Reliance. It was a truly remarkable contraption. My husband Godron drove it well.
The steering wheel makes 44 complete revolutions to turn the wheels.
I didn't get the model of this one. Anyone know what it is?
They also have a lot of livestock. The Muscovy ducks were sweet.
Two females and one male.
Muscovies have these caruncles.
Two separate chicken coops.
One for these hens...
and one for this mother and her chicks.
As always, the live animals are a big attraction for all the visitors. Thanks, Heritage Park, for passing on enthusiasm for livestock!

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