Saturday, July 26, 2014

Barrington Living History Farm

On my recent visit to Texas, I visited Barrington Living History Farm in Washington-on-Brazos. It's a lovely spot, rather green despite the hot summer days. Docent Pam Scaggs takes care of the chickens. She's got a small flock in a lovely shaded chicken house, including a Brahma hen.
The chicken house, in a shaded yard.
Pam Scaggs at her fenced yard.

There's a second flock, with a Polish rooster named Kramer presiding over five Dominique hens. They live across the way, in the livestock barn.

There's a Black Spanish turkey hen, too, but she didn't pay much attention to him.

One of the Dominiques likes grasshoppers, so she flies over the fence every day and enjoys hunting them. She's very quick!
No many escape her sharp beak.

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