Saturday, February 22, 2014

Spring is here!

And Lady Fanny, my Speckled Sussex, is getting ready to be broody. She's an excellent mother and enjoys it. In the past years she has hatched chickens and turkeys.
In her nest box
We've got a separate nesting place for her now. She's not broody yet, but she spent 15 minutes loudly chasing other hens away from thye nest box, so I can see what's coming.
She likes nice soft wood shavings to brood in.

Last years turkey poults. They went on to live in a demonstration organic garden.

So Fanny and I are looking for hatching eggs! In California's Central Coast region. I'm happy to come pick up. We'd prefer some interesting breed, but we'll take anything. I'd love to have a couple of new pullets to join my small backyard flock.

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