Friday, February 21, 2014

Our cooking heritage

Karen Dunn of the University of Wisconsin's Steenbock Library has created a reference list for cooking history. The list includes resources around the nation, as well as those in the UW's collection.

The Apron Chronicles are delightful! This is a traveling exhibition, coming to Sacramento in July. I'd love to see them. I happen to have a few old aprons myself. What a treat, and an excellent expression of creative efforts by women who focused their energies on their homes.

The Smithsonian has an exhibit on Food: Transforming the American Table: 1950-2000. Sounds wonderful. Julia Child is a focus. She certainly had an influence.

The Recipe for Victory collection, about the importance of food during World War I, is fascinating. Is our situation any less urgent now? We can all make a difference by choosing what we eat and growing our own.

Chicken and other poultry have played such a large role in American cooking. Bringing those heritage breeds back is the mission of the next 50 years.

Susan Schneider of the University of Arkansas School of Law posted about the National Agriculture Library's collection of wartime posters.

These are great resources and reminders of how the public united to work for a better world. Let's do the same today!

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