Saturday, August 10, 2013

Turkeys at Pacifica

The turkeys moved to their new home last week, at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpinteria. Land Manager Marshall Chrostowski decided he'd like to have a couple of turkeys to join his eight hens.
Marshall's very knowledgeable about the land he has recovered from what was formerly a parking lot. It's now a lush, productive farm. It's the ideal sustainable operation: lots of foliage and variety to attract plenty of bees, butterflies and birds, while renewing the soil for increasing productivity.
This lovely amaranth develops seeds the chickens love.

The turkeys were getting too big for our small chicken run.  Even bigger than Blondie, my biggest chicken, a White Dorking. This one towers over the black and white Ancona.
 They all got along well, but size does give one advantages. Not that they were throwing their weight around. They were still intimidated by the senior chickens in the pecking order.
 Bigger than mother Lady Fanny, a Speckled Sussex.
 They grew up beautiful. Their feathers are getting that iridescent sheen.
 They give Lady Fanny first peck, despite being bigger than she is.
 Miss Wyandotte, a younger pullet, enjoyed their company. At this point, Lady Fanny no longer defends them the way she did when they were little poults.
One was growing faster than the other. Perhaps one is a male and the other a female? Time will tell.
 They have much more space in their new coop. It's right next to the chickens, so they can get to know each other before they are put together.

The coops have a roofed area for protection from the elements and an outdoor run. A perfect home for them. Thanks, Marshall! We look forward to coming back to visit.

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