Monday, August 26, 2013

The Spa Chicken Experience

Travaasa Austin offers more than facials and massage -- they teach  you how to keep chickens!

Their flock includes Plymouth Rocks and Rhode Island Reds. The Wall Street Journal says:

"ALL IT TAKES to learn how to raise chickens in your backyard is a few nights at a spa—specifically, the Travaasa Austin resort in Texas hill country. In the retreat's new urban farming program, organic farmer Kim Grabosky teaches city slickers about seed germination, plant transferring and a handful of other topics. She also leads the popular Hen & Egg course, where she instructs students in the art of raising chicks in an urban coop. Guests can learn to spot a good egg, and distinguish between a Rhode Island Red and a Plymouth Rock breed. Proponents say that tending chickens decreases your carbon footprint, keeps pests at bay and can be a calming escape. Plus, you'll be able to make some stellar omelets."


Introducing Travaasa, a new collection of experiential spa resorts that emphasizes real travel and the unique, authentic qualities that make a destination magical. Learn more about the Travaasa Vision. Our hotels are tailored to the intellectually active and culturally curious, offering a resort experience that is defined by guided adventures, culinary classes, cultural encounters, healing spa treatments, as well as fitness and wellness workshops.

I'm so glad that upscale resorts are finding the joy and usefulness of keeping chickens. 

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