Friday, April 5, 2013

Pomeranian Geese

Pomeranian Geese are a historic German breed, associated with the Pomorze region of eastern Germany between the rivers Oder and Vistula. Although only Gray Saddleback and Buff Saddleback varieties are recognized, they are also raised in Gray, White and Buff varieties. In Germany, the Buff Pomeranian is known as Cellar Goose.

True Pomeranians are distinguished by their pink bills and pink legs and feet. They have a single lobe. Orange bills and feet or a double lobe disqualify a bird as a Pomeranian.
 Terence Spencer of Nebraska generously shared his beautiful photos for the article in the current issue of Backyard Poultry magazine. These are Brown Saddlebacks with a Lavender Saddleback in the foreground.
Is there anything sweeter than a mother goose and her goslings? These are Terence's Buff Pomeranians.
 A pair of his Brown Saddleback Pomeranians. Note those bright pink bills and feet.
 A happy farmyard of beautiful Pomeranians -- brown and lavender saddlebacks.
 A closer look at that lovely lavender color.

Thank you, Terence, for sharing these wonderful photos!

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