Monday, April 15, 2013

Emu egg breakfast

I attended the Ventura Poultry show on Saturday. A great turnout, with 768 birds entered, an increase over the usual spring show participation of around 500 birds. Great looking birds, too.

I won an emu egg in the raffle! The donor assured me that it was fresh but not fertile, so I could eat it without feeling that I was depriving the world of a potential emu. We eagerly approached it as our Sunday morning breakfast.

My husband got out his electric drill to drill holes in both ends so we could blow it and keep the shell. It cracked a little, but is salvageable.

The albumen was very thick, difficult to blow even with fairly large holes. We shook the egg to break the yolk so that it would flow out of the egg. Much more albumen than yolk, proportionately, than chicken eggs.

The albumen was so thick I couldn’t scramble it with a whisk. The electric beaters did the job. It remained thick, with a custard texture, about two cups’ worth.

I used a regular frying pan to cook it. It cooked up light yellow and delicate. The flavor was mild. I prefer chicken eggs, but this was an interesting experiment.

Thanks for the opportunity to try a new poultry product!

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