Saturday, February 23, 2013

More hatchery catalogs

Purely Poultry  in Wisconsin is the enterprise of Tyler Danke, a young man enthusiastically leaping into the standard breed poultry business. Purely Poultry offers hybrids as well to serve his customers, but he’s committed to providing high quality birds that meet the APA Standard. He hatches his own and works with other breeders to offer over 300 kinds of chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys and other rare and unusual birds, such as ornamental pheasants. He offers wild and exotic adult ducks, as well as ducklings of 13 standard breeds. If you are searching for something unusual, check in with Tyler.

The rare oddity is always fascinating, but the main business is in the popular well-known breeds: Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rocks, Bronze turkeys. Purely Poultry makes a point of having knowledgeable people answering the phones who can discuss your questions with you. They are experienced in shipping and can connect with you around the country.

Tyler is young and getting his business off the ground. These Birchen Marans are among the new offerings he has, available in the Assorted Rare Marans, which also include Black Copper, Blue Copper and Blue Wheaten varieties.  At a time when young people are funneled into industrial production, he’s following a different path. Check out his online listings for birds.

At the other end of the timeline is Duane Urch in Minnesota. His Urch-Turnland Poultry doesn’t have a web site, but Duane is one of the country’s most experienced poultry men and a revered poultry judge.  He and his partner raise their own birds and his sharp eye, trained over his many years of experience looking at all kinds of birds, makes his breeding selections the best. Buyers boast about having Urch lines of poultry.

He has large fowl and bantam chickens some turkeys, some geese and Muscovy ducks. Duane has been a leader in the APA for many years, so his commitment and knowledge are unparalleled. He has excellent stock of birds that are difficult to find elsewhere, such as RC Mottled Anconas, Black Breasted Red Catalanas, Rhode Island Whites and Sultans.

You’ll have to contact him by phone (507-451-6782), no later than 7 pm Central time, or by mail (2142 NW 47th Ave., Owatonna, MN 55060-1071. There’s often a waiting list for his birds.

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