Monday, July 9, 2012

Win a chicken tote!

Terry Golson is giving away one of her attractive tote bags, made from empty feed bags. Nothing wasted at Terry's farm!

This one is made from a Purina Layena bag showing a Barred Rock on the front.

"To enter, simply tell me here what you would put in the bag. You can enter a second time on FaceBook – simply click “like” on this post in FB. You can enter a THIRD time by forwarding the post to your FB friends. If you’re not a FaceBook friend, do become one! I post photos there that you don’t see at HenCam. I’ve got a busy week – it’s Brimfield again, and I’ll be looking for more finds to post on The Vintage Hen – so I’ll let this contest run through Friday, July 13. The contest will close at 9 PM EDT. I value my international friends, so, yes, I’ll ship this to anywhere in the world! Good-luck!"

This bag is large enough to carry my Speckled Sussex hen and her Coronation Sussex chick, now five weeks old!


Terry said...

Thanks for posting this! I've been enjoying hearing about your coronation chick - that's a variety I don't think I've seen in person. Can't wait to see what sort of eggs she lays!

PoultryBookstore said...

She'll be my first, too. She's pretty, but all white thus far.