Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Heritage poultry are an American Treasure

Frank Reese of Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch in Kansas has been recognized as an American Treasure: Made in America Award for his heritage poultry. He will bring his Barred Rocks and White Jersey Giants to Washington DC to be cooked for the American Treasures Culinary Experience on the Fourth of July Take Price in America Celebration at the Capitol.

The award honors  "your leadership and dedication to your heritage preservation work which represents a singular and unique contribution to our Nation."

The award letter states: The American Treasures Award is one of many initiatives undertaken by MADE: In America to fulfill our mission: to foster a business climate conducive to the free exchange of ideas and information for the purpose of revitalizing and sustaining the competitiveness of American commerce and industry in a global economy.  

Frank's chickens, ducks and turkeys are well known in the culinary world. His New Hampshire, White Jersey Giant and Barred Rock chickens, Rouen Ducks, Toulouse and African Geese and Bronze turkeys are sold through local grocery stores and online through his site.

“If you grow them to look like the Standard, in weight and body shape, you will have a marketable bird,” he said. “The old guys who wrote the standards didn’t write them to win shows. They wrote them so the birds would be productive.”

The award is not supported with funding, so Frank welcomes donations to help him make the three-day trip to Washington. Contact him at

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