Tuesday, June 26, 2012

4th of July events

Pat Foreman will be at Monticello for the 50th Naturalization ceremonies held annually on 4th of July,. What a treat that must be for the participants, who become United States citizens in this historic location! One of the members of the first group to enjoy that honor will be a guest at this year's ceremonies.

Jefferson kept chickens, ducks, Guinea fowl, peacocks, pigeons, geese, and turkeys at Monticello. There's an interesting exchange posted from letters Jefferson sent to his grand daughter, Ellen Wayles Randolph Coolidge, about the bantams he sent her. Their correspondence documents her saga in raising them:

"By Davy I send you a pair of Bantam fowls; quite young: so that I am in hopes you will now be enabled to raise some. I propose on their subject a question of natural history for your enquiry: that is whether this sis the Gallina Adrianica, or Adria, the Adsatck cock of Aristotle? For this you must examine Buffon etc."

The bantams in question were probably some kind of Old English Games, very frequently found on Colonial farms.

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