Thursday, March 8, 2012

Farm Supply

Barbara Bullock and I will present a workshop on chickens at the San Luis Obispo Farm Supply store Saturday March 10, 10 am - noon. Barbara is a chicken breeder of local repute and a colleague in Central Coast Feather Fanciers. She gave me the lovely Sicilian Buttercup who lays such lovely eggs for me. She doesn't cluck, she croons. I'm crazy about her. Thanks, Barbara!

Barbara has also been loaning chicks to people who want to keep chickens but aren't able to have them permanently for legal reasons -- they don't live in the right zoning, or some other limitation. She gives them chicks to raise, and when they get too big, Barbara takes them back.

Of course, by that time, they are completely beloved pets. They sit on her shoulders and enjoy her company. It's a great way for people to have some contact with raising chickens even though their circumstances don;t permit them to have a backyard flock.

Farm Supply stocks lots of traditional breed chicks every year. They are reliable supporters of the local chicken community. Thanks, Farm Supply, for having us in to help spread the word about backyard chickens.

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