Monday, March 12, 2012

Chicken Lovers, Unite!

Over 200 eager chicken people turned out Saturday for Farm Supply's Spring Chicken Workshop. It was standing room only -- they'd set up 175 chairs but the crowd overflowed.

Barbara Bullock did a great job, using several of her own chickens to demonstrate various points she explained to the audience. Everyone there either already had chickens or was planning to get them -- soon -- so they were eager to ask questions.

She also removed spurs from a rooster -- quickly and efficiently. They were huge! Her expert hands showed the importance of good technique and confidence. Definitely a skill that improves with practice. Get an experienced person to guide you. Mentors are very important in learning about chickens.

People were eager for chicken books. One enthusiastic mother explained that her son is eager to get involved, so she has been recruited as the 4-H chicken leader. She will learn fast! Her son wants to start with Belgian Bearded d'Uccles, a good choice. Small bantams, good disposition, attractive. What's not to like? I predict a good experience for these newbies.

Another woman hasn't gotten her husband's support on getting chickens -- yet. She had promised him she wouldn't come home with any chicks, but she brought home a book. I hope it helps her convince him to add chickens to their garden.

The weather was pleasant and crisp. We all had a good time. Thanks, Farm Supply, for sponsoring this event. I expect they sold a lot of their Rhode Island Red and Barred Rock chicks that day.

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Terry said...

What a great turn-out! Sounds like everyone had fun and learned a bunch. I would have liked to have seen that spur removal. My two Polish hens have grown spurs in their old age. One is still laying, so it's not all about the hormones. Odd but not unheard of!