Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mobile processing unit up for auction

Thanks to Sugar Mountain Farm for posting this:

The state of Vermont build a mobile poultry slaughter unit at a cost of $93,000 back in 2008. That unit is up for auction with a price of $7,600 and no reserve. The auction ends January 13, 2012 at 6:18 PM EST. Ultimately, the unit sold for $61,000. A good deal, and I hope we will soon hear that it is being used.

This is your chance to get a nearly brand new, stainless steel, USDA/State inspect-able, fully outfitted poultry slaughter unit for 8¢ on the dollar. It comes complete with a very nice stainless steel scalder and plucker. You can see the interior at the links below.

I hope that someone will buy this for use ideally in Vermont rather than it getting sold as junk. Unfortunately it is being sold in an out-of-state auction in New York and may vanish from the Vermont agricultural landscape, perhaps just going for the scrap metal – it’s filled with valuable stainless steel.

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Interior Photos

That funny looking box of dots in the lower right corner of the photo is called a QR Code. I’m testing out using it. If you point your iPodTouch, iPad or phone with a camera and appropriate software on it at that it should scan the QR Code and take you to the web page for the auction. Let me know if that works.


Micah and Kim said...

I doubt it sold for scrap at 60K$,
hopefully it's headed to Michigan - we need that kind of thing out this way!

Christine Heinrichs said...

Extension posted this information, Mobile Processing Units: What's the State of the Art?

This webinar offers a detailed look at two mobile units, one for red meat and one for poultry, and explains a useful cost calculator to gauge operational costs. (NMPAN webinar: December 2008)
Mobile Poultry Processing Units in CA, MT, and VT

Coordinators of three new mobile poultry processing units explain how the units work and discuss challenges, strategies, and lessons learned in bringing these units on line. (NMPAN webinar: October 2009)
USDA-FSIS Webinars on Mobile Units

These two webinars, offered by USDA's Food Safety Inspection Service, explain red meat and poultry mobile slaughter units. Presentations cover technical and practical aspects, regulatory compliance, and financial assistance programs (January 2010).

Click on the link above and scroll down to "Mobile Slaughter Webinars." You can watch the webinars themselves or view the presentations as pdfs.

You may be the one who gets it started in Michigan! Let me know if I can help.