Saturday, January 21, 2012

Klinka Steps Up!

Klinka the Hen Saves a Bird of Another Species
By Kim Bartlett

This afternoon I looked out the window to the backyard to check on my pet chicken Klinka and saw that she was chasing the cat Osiris who has a little bird in his mouth. She pursued Osiris until he dropped the bird and it flew through the chain link fence to safety. Then Klinka patrolled that area of the fence for a few minutes. I always heard that chickens would bravely confront predators to defend their chicks, but Klinka chased a cat to save an unrelated bird, not even of the same species. January 24, 2009

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Kim's Klinka

Back in February 2009, Klinka was attacked and severely injured by a coyote, as reported on this blog. She has certainly come a long way! Thanks, Kim, for bringing me up to date.

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