Thursday, May 26, 2011

Java Breeders

Ruth Caron of the Java Breeders of America reports that a Java Meet was held at the Uniontown Poultry Show. Java Breeders of America Area 2 director Liesa Stiller organized the meet. Ruth has posted photos at Krista Martin's Mottled pullet, shown here, was the only mottled variety shown.

"I am quite sure that the founder of this Yahoo group and all its members, all previous Java Clubs and members of The Java Breeders of America are very pleased with our
progress," she writes. "Showing Javas to the Standard of Perfection and getting opinions from an APA Judge are a sure way to preserve this heritage breed and ensure its health beauty
and well being."

I look forward to a report from Derek Freund, who attended the Garfield Farm Rare Breeds show, on what was on display there. Garfield Farm has been a leader in preserving Javas.

The next Java Meet will be in club Area 4, at the LaGrange Fairgrounds in Texas in September. Three breeders have already entered ten birds. Contact the Java Breeders of America if you want to participate in that meet or arrange one in your area.

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