Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Following up Chicken Whisperer

I enjoyed talking with Andy Schneider this morning on his Chicken Whisperer radio program about Self Blue Silkies, which have been recognized by the APA and ABA. I've written an article about them, and other breeders that are working on adding the color variety to their breeds, for the June issue of Exhibition Poultry magazine.

The subject came up while I was researching the story about the Black Copper Marans, both a new breed and a new color variety, which were recognized by the APA this past spring. That article was published in the May issue. The current issue of the magazine is free online, so don't miss an issue.

I mentioned Kelly Klober's new book about heirloom chickens, Talking Chicken, published by Acres USA. Kelly has years of experience with traditional breed poultry and we should all be grateful that he has put his knowledge into a book. Now we can all benefit from his wisdom. I'll write a detailed review in the near future. For those who were listening this morning, here's information so that you can find this valuable resource.

It's like sitting on the porch with Kelly and having him answer your questions. It should be right next to my books on every poultry lover's bookshelf!

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