Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Breeding flocks

Are you thinking of dispersing your flock? Or reducing it, limiting yourself to fewer breeds? Here’s someone who will take your flock and continue the work you’ve been doing with them.

Wesley Cox of St. Simons Island, Georgia,, 912-634-4543, is looking for a flock of chickens. He’d prefer a flock or flocks that have been bred to type by a caring and knowledgeable breeder. He’s looking for a flock that has breeding records.

“My vision is to carry on a serious breeding project in a significant area of poultry preservation, improvement, and production. A heritage or endangered breed of chicken would be nice but I will consider any breed. I am specifically interested in furthering the work of a passionate breeder who will be willing to mentor me within reason to get me started so as to have the benefit or his or her education. My return to them will be to agree to further their work. Poultry genetics are important and I want to keep their work alive,” he writes.

Contact him directly. I'll continue to post his progress.

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