Monday, October 11, 2010

Poultry Show

The chickens I hatched in June went to their first poultry show this weekend, Central Coast Feather Fanciers 25th Annual Show. They didn't win anything, but I felt like a stage mother showing them off. They all did well. They were calm and well behaved.

Blondie, the White Dorking, has captured our hearts. Here my husband is holding her.

APA leader Dave Anderson told me he judged a large class of Dorkings at the Edmonton show. Lots of Chanteclers there, too. These breeds are finding their champions!

I'll look forward to seeing him again at the Bash at the Beach show in Ventura.

The sale area had some very interesting birds. A pair of Gray Junglefowl, two Marans roosters and a hen. The two roosters joined forces to guard that sweet hen! If you are looking for birds, find a poultry show and see what you can find. It's a great way to connect with other breeders.

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