Saturday, August 7, 2010

List your birds in the SPPA Breeders Directory!

The Society for Preservation for Poultry Antiquities is compiling the 2011 edition of its acclaimed Breeders Directory. Join now and list your birds.

You do not need to be actively breeding birds or selling them. The Breeders Directory documents rare and historic breeds, regardless of size of flock.

“It’s important to know what breeds are being kept and how many there are,” said SPPA second vice president Mary Ann Harley, who is managing the project. “We use this opportunity to compile a census of the breeds as well.”

For those who are raising birds for sale, the SPPA Breeders Directory is an invaluable and unique resource. It provides contact information for the breeders who are maintaining breeds that would otherwise remain undocumented. Since there is no breed registry for poultry, SPPA provides the service of keeping track of the various breeds.

All breeds and varieties are included in the Breeders Directory, whether recognized by the APA-ABA or not. An oversight suggested that only recognized breeds would be included. That is not correct.

“SPPA welcomes all poultry breeds, varieties and their breeders,” said SPPA first vice president Monte Bowen, who is also the Bulletin editor.

Forms for listing are included in the SPPA Bulletin, sent to all members. Send a check or money order to Dr. Charles Everett, 1057 Nick Watts Rd., Lugoff, SC 29078 or go to to join and receive a form.

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