Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cooking Heritage Poultry

Backyard Poultry magazine has my article about Cooking Seasonal Chickens in the current August September issue, Both Joseph Marquette of Yellow House Farm in New Hampshire and Steve Pope, who is working with Frank Reese's Good Shepherd Ranch in Kansas, were kind enough to talk with me about what they have learned from cooking breeds such as Buckeyes, New Hampshires, Dorkings, Barred Rocks and Sussex.

This Baked Chicken A la Tucson by Ann Knowles was the grand prize winner at Good Shepherd Ranch's heritage chicken recipe contest,
Here she poses with her winning dish, and later with Chef Pope.
Her dish uses an orange juice, chili and tequila rub that also acts as a basting liquid for a bird that braises in a covered pan. Slow moist heat is crucial for success with cooking heritage birds raised on free range. The birds developp stronger muscles with more taste, but they are tough when cooked like supermarket chicken.
Thanks, Joseph and Steve, for helping the public learn how to appreciate heritage chickens.

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