Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tina's chicks!

Tina Tyzzer of Indiana sends an introduction to her newly hatched chicks. They are Delawares, Black and White Jersey Giants and Rhode Island Reds.

"So, here’s your introduction to my new crew! Not very glamorous photos, but I had to share.
"The first shows you their new house, which has already been expanded twice. This is my back porch greenhouse, which converts very nicely to a nice warm chick brooder, so they’ll live here for 4-5 weeks. These photos, were taken at exactly one week old during their first move to new quarters. Now it’s important that you take note of the clothes pins in the first photo, which are holding up the tarp to keep my back porch clean.

Second photo - As you can see, the move was exhausting!

"Third photo - one week old and already roosting….on a clothes pin!

"Fourth photo - and yes, the little guy was sound asleep just like the rest of them….thought sure he was gonna fall off head first.

"Last photo - 'What, where am I … how’d I get up here!! '"

Thanks for sharing these delightful photos, Tina.

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