Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Muscovy update

Larry Harrison of the Fish and Wildlife Service attended the May meeting in Oregon where the Muscovy Duck situation was discussed. No decisions have been reached.

Barry Koffler of www.feathersite.com summarized the situation in the current June-July issue of Backyard Poultry magazine. He expects Fish & Wildlife will eventually require permits for keeping wild Muscovies, as is currently the case for Wood Ducks and Canada Geese.

The contact person he has worked with at Fish & Wildlife is George T. Allen, George_T_Allen@fws.gov. “He is trying very hard to work with us on this, so please send positive suggestions, not complaints,” Barry writes.

This episode has revealed a disconnect between the naturalists and the domestic poultry keepers. I’m optimistic that it will open communications channels that will serve us well in future. We are all citizens with an interest in protecting wildlife as well as poultry keepers. I’m grateful to all the people on both sides who are working this out.

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