Thursday, February 18, 2010

Annual Pullet Sale

Central Coast Feather Fanciers, the local poultry club, sells pullets every year for its annual fundraiser. A pullet is a young hen in her first year. This year’s chicks arrived on January 6 and they are doing well.

Club members raise the chicks until they are about four months old. They start to lay at around age five to six months. Buying the pullets allows new poultry owners to get started with birds that are grown and fully feathered. They don’t require special handling as chicks do.

The sale will be Saturday March 20, 8 am, at Templeton Feed Store in Templeton, California, but they are sometimes willing to sell to individuals before the sale.

They have Ameraucanas, like the hen at the top of the page with her attractive muffs, which lay green eggs. They also have Barred Rocks, such as the one at right, New Hampshires and Australorps all of which lay brown eggs. Price is $15 each.


Being Me said...

I am excitedly awaiting the annual pullet sale. How do I find out when the sale takes place?

Being Me said...

Where will the sale be announced?

PoultryBookstore said...

Saturday, March 20! Larry Stallings, (805) 237-7987, is the CCFF president and can answer further questions.