Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ventura Poultry Show

The show was great! About 550 birds were exhibited, some of them unusual. Three new SPPA members signed up, and two current members came by to visit. It's always great to meet SPPA members.

A breeding pair of Nene Geese were offered for sale! Nene Geese are the state bird of Hawaii and an endangered species. Special permits may be required to keep them.

There was only a single turkey exhibited, but she was a beauty: A Bourbon Red pullet.

Among chickens, a Fayoumi hen was an unusual entry. Her owner acquired her from McMurray Hatchery, requested simply because she wanted a Fayoumi. This girl was very attractive, but keeps her owner hopping. She is the only hen in the flock who flies over the fence, then digs up the garden. She not only rips up the greens, she digs whole plants out. Her owner considers managing her worth the effort.

Black and Mottled Javas attracted a lot of attention, and sold quickly. The breeder is eager to help other flocks get started on the West Coast. Reviewing the SPPA Jave Brochure last week, I noticed that there are no Java breeders listed in the West. So I was happy to sign her up as a new member and add her to the list.

Attending shows always brings unexpected blessings. I go to as many as I can.

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