Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Mindy Sink contacted me for an article she wrote for the online magazine Mindful Mama, Mindful Mama's motto is: Connecting Mom, Baby and the Planet. Mindy is a coauthor of Colorado Organic: Cooking Seasonally, Eating Locally and author of Moon Denver.

"Thanks to the locavore movement, people around the country are reducing their carbon footprints by finding their food sources closer to home. But for some families, even the movement’s proposed 100-mile shopping radius is just too far, so they’re bringing the farm—chickens, goats, bees, and all—right into their own backyards. "

Tracy in Oregon contacted me about the chicks she acquired in her Willamette Valley, four Australorps and four gold sex-links. The demand was so great that the feed stores selling them assigned customers numbers to impose order before they opened their doors!

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