Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Home Grown Evolution

Eric Knutsen visited the SPPA table at last week's American Poultry Association Bash at the Beach Poultry Show in Ventura. His blog is http://www.homegrownevolution.com/.

His blog is a compendium of self-reliant advice, do-it-yourself technology and philosophical framework. He's a fancier of collectible poultry magazines, displaying covers of two issues of Plymouth Rock Monthly from the 1920s and acquiring a copy of The Poultry Review of June 1908. His technological expertise exceeds mine, and he has posted the entire issue as pdf.s for all to access. He's instructed me in how to do it, so I hope to soon have the magazines donated by Lester Markham similarly available to all.

These old magazines are an invaluable resource for the original source documentation not only of husbandry practices of the past, but also of breed conformation, as these diagrams of Java hen and rooster illustrate. Thanks for the advice, Eric.

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