Monday, November 10, 2008

Cream Brabanters

A reader inquired for information on Brabanters, an old Dutch breed. She has a flock of the Cream variety that she has been improving for some years, but is looking for others.

Ideal Poultry Breeding Farms in Cameron, Texas,, sells both Cream and Gold varieties, but is currently sold out until 2009. The cock pictured at right is a Cuckoo variety. The photo is by Stephen Green-Armytage, from his book, Extraordinary Chickens.
Wright's New Illustrated Book of Poultry, revised in 1915 by S. H. Lewer, describes them as popular in Holland and Belgium. "Without being heavy in bone the body is large and roomy, showing considerable posterior development with medium length of neck and legs, and indicative of a good laying quality. The Brabanconne is a crested race, which crest is often more developed in cocks than in hens. the crest, however, is not globular as in other breeds with which we are familiar, but somewhat flat, and the beard or muffs are also small. The comb is small and single."
Brabanters are not recognized by the APA for exhibition. They are known as good layers of large white eggs, but are not setters.
If you know anyone who keeps any Brabanter variety, please contact me.


MT Mi Mi said...

I have 2 Cream Brabanter pullets, hatched 5/13/09. I hope to show one in the Western MT County Fair in August, and hopefully keep her. I also have a brownish one, also Cream breed that is for sale.

**ALLDJS** said...

I would love to see more of us raising this awesome bird. I have hatching eggs available most times. I raise the cream/creme Brabanter.

PoultryBookstore said...

Thanks for the offer! Perhaps some of the blog readers will take you up on it and start their own flocks.