Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Healing injured birds

Since following Tiffany's broken leg saga, others have brought me stories of borken legs and other amazing recoveries. Harvey Ussery recounted how he observed a Cornish Rock cross survive a broken thigh bone. When the bird was eventually butchered, Harvey wasn't even able to find any evidence of the break on the bone. Donnis Headley told me about a neighbor who used popsicle sticks to set a chicken's broken leg. The bird healed well.
Art Lindgren of Maine, whose Khaki Campbell and Pekin ducks are shown here inspecting his daughter's cheese-making, had two ducks seriously injured by a dog attack. A neighbor advised against trying to save them, but he and his wife Cheryl applied colloidal silver and both healed and regained full physical capabilities.
The lesson is, have faith in yourself as a healer and your birds as resilient and cooperative patients. I'll list what you should keep on hand for Poultry First Aid tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to that list tomorrow. I haven't had to deal with any broken bones yet, thank goodness.

Sus said...

The duckie photo reminds me how I need to go sit at the UNM duck pond and feed the feathered critters some bread. *lol*