Saturday, August 16, 2008

Other books I love

A kind bantam owner sent a message about how much she enjoyed "How to Raise Chickens" and asked for suggestions of other books. I came up with these:

One of my personal favorites is "Presenting the Turkey: The Fabulous Story of a Flamboyant and Flavourful Bird" by Sabine Eiche. She is an art historian and this wonderful book traces the history of turkeys after explorers brought them back to Europe from the New World in the 16th century. Illustrated with wonderful reproductions of the artwork and fascinating material on how people lived. You can buy it through this site, $35 plus shipping.

Jan Irving compiled a book on Dorkings: Poultry, Fowls & Chickens. She's Australian but sells it through her site,, $30 plus shipping.

Stephen Green-Armytage's picture books, "Extraordinary Chickens" and "Extra Extraordinary Chickens are wonderful to look through. $12.95-$24.95,

"Exhibition Poultry Keeping" by David Scrivener has a lot of valuable advice as well as nice show pictures, $45.

In the future, "How to Raise Poultry," which I finished writing this past week and will be published in April 2009. It has chapters on ducks, geese, swans, turkeys, guineafowl, game birds, ratites (ostriches, emus and rheas) and of course, chickens. Lots of great pictures. I enjoyed writing it.

All these books except the Dorking book are, or will be, also available through and through major booksellers. Sometimes they are on the shelves and sometimes you have to ask for them. The turkey book can be difficult to find. That's why I decided to sell it myself. The Italian publisher doesn't have many American connections. Check with your local library, too. You may be able to take a close look at them that way befor eyou make a decision to buy. Tractor Supply stores carry "How to Raise Chickens."

Let me know how you enjoy these. Please pass along your favorites to me, too. A new book came out last month that sounds terrific, "Home to Roost: A Backyard Farmer Chases Chickens Through the Ages" by Bob Sheasley. I want to get hold of it and read it.


Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

"Extraordinary Chickens" sounds like an interesting book. Thanks for all the great info!

TXsharon said...

One of my favorites is Gardening with Guineas