Monday, August 4, 2008

Buckeyes wanted at New York, Ohio State Fairs

A Buckeye breeder is looking for other breeders to bring birds to the New York State Fair,, for sale and exchange. Poultry events are scheduled August 23-25 and August 29-September 1. Another fancier would like to network with Buckeye breeders on August 7 at the Ohio State Fair,

Events at the New York State Fair include a daily Rooster Crowing Contest, culminating in a championship event of each day’s winners on September 1. I hope someone will send pictures of the winners!

State and County fairs are excellent opportunities to see and acquire new stock. Email me or post a comment for contact information for these eager Buckeye fanciers.
This Buckeye belongs to Bryan Oliver of South Carolina.

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